Welcome to TRU-Life Adventures!

So, um, what's this all about, anyway?

Above, below, and slightly adjacent to what people like to call the "real world," there is a war being waged. The combatants are scientists, and explorers, and others who explore and exploit the way things fit together. The battlefield is that portion of the space-time continuum known as the timestream. The stakes are nothing less than the right to define and shape both reality and history. And, just as in all really good wars, both sides like to call themselves the good guys.

Our heroes don't know much about all of that. Oh, sure, they may get caught up in events once in awhile, but they never seem to get anywhere close to the full story. Besides, most of the time they're too busy working in a toy store where it seems Murphy was an optimist to worry about things like that. Their concerns run more toward getting through the shift without pummeling the customers who so richly deserve it, or staying out of the line of fire of a manager on the warpath..

Half of that scenario is strongly inspired by my years working retail. I'll let you decide which one.

If you start to feel a bit lost at any given point, I can't really blame you. A lot of story gets built up over eight years (of which somewhere around half at this point have featured five updates a week). I do try to have characters recap things on a semi-regular basis, and occasionally provide relevant links to past strips. Not as often as I probably should, unfortunately, but that's a lot of strips for even the cartoonist to wade through when looking for something specific.