fluent : message
traci : "you just like to yell, don't you?" lol!
traci : lol on nov. 21st's matchbox/hotwheels. after the intense stuff that came before that cracked me up.
andrew : should it continue to work, i'll be removing this shoutbox when i refresh the site after thanksgiving.
mjay : and it seems to be working now!
andrew : i'm not seing that. try refreshing the page.
mjay : and now the same comment is on every page.
andrew : every tool i've played with over the years sees "today's" archive page and the main page as different pages. this one is the easiest to move comments from the main page to the archives.
mjay : the comment tool seems slightly broken. the comments on strip 3068 are different than the comments on the home page. both are nov 11's strip.
andrew : there is a new comment tool down below. let's give it a shot, shall we?
mike : with management it's always tomorrow
mike : was that a proposal i just heard, or at least aserious commitment?
andrew : that was pretty much canon during the post-crisis/pre-new52 era. clark gave a chunk to bruce because mind control is a thing in comics.
mjay : speaking of batman's edc... never leave home without a vial of kryptonite... we never know when superman may terrorize gotham again.
andrew : i think the average prepper would prefer it be compared to batman's utility belt without the belt.
traci : edc=man-diaper-bag.
traci : yikes~
andrew : so well done that not only did they use that story in the movies, they backported it into the mainstream comics.
mjay : case in point: mr. zero was a pretty boring batman enemy. mr. freeze was extremely well done.
andrew : as an aside, jlu used some obscure villains because most bat-villains were restricted to that other unrelated "the batman" cartoon.