December 18, 2007


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While I'm Thinking About It

While I'm Thinking About It

Is a winner me? Perhaps.

If you read newspaper comics, there's a chance you may know of the strip Sally Forth. In it, the recently-unemployed husband Ted took a seasonal job working at a toy store. Some of you may also recall Shortpacked, that other webcomic set in a toy store. Part of me dreads the possibility I wind up doing a joke Willis already did. Part of me has hoped that he does the same sort of joke I've already done. Not likely, though, because we're doing different things with our strips.

The toy store in the Sally Forth strip is never named, which gives those of us who do webcomics a bit of room to play. Ted Forth popped up in Wednesday's Shortpacked. On Monday, he was making the comment "That'll wipe the smirk off a face" in TRU-Life Adventures. So, yeah, I'm happy, even if nobody else cares.

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