August 03, 2009


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While I'm Thinking About It


So, yeah, I've been doing some tinkering with the site. The little things were starting to add up to big problems, and as long as I was taking care of that, I might as well freshen up the look a bit. Especially since I'm starting a new extended storyline (though, don't worry, this won't be nearly as long as the last one).

The big changes are as follows:

  • The RSSpect links are gone. Twitter takes its place.
  • The forum is gone. Although, I can be bribed. If the shoutbox suddenly starts getting a lot more action, I might be convinced to put it back.
  • Blog posts are now tied to the day's strip when they appeared. No more weeks-old information taking up space. This is the big one.
  • The cast page actually works. By which I mean, the "first appearance" links don't go to some old, random, green archive system anymore. This is the other big one.

All in all, I think this might put together a nicer first impression than the old setup. Though, there might be some further tweaking as things go on.

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