June 08, 2009


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While I'm Thinking About It

In the interests of equal time

Let's see how Google handles those searches I tested Bing with, shall we?

  • "Andrew Rothery" - Well. I'm actually up top again. How about that.
  • "Webcomics" - xkcd shows up first, with webcomics.com right behind at number two. The Wikipedia article's also on the first page, which has to win some sort of award for irony. Fleen is on page 9, Floating Lightbulb nowhere within the first ten pages of results.
  • "Webcomics Drama" - four of the first ten results are about vitriolic personality clashes of one form or another. The rest are about dramatic webcomics, except the very first one, which is another xkcd strip.
  • "Free Email" - Google has Gmail as the paid ad spot, which might be why it doesn't show up in the real results. Maybe there really is something to their whole "Don't be evil" thing after all.
  • "Linux" - Ubuntu, Red Hat, and Debian all get results on the first page. Plus lots of other potentially useful reference sites that didn't appear at Bing.

So, final analysis? Well, Google does a lot of stuff, and they seem to be very good at it. I'm not necessarily thrilled with the notion of putting all my website eggs in their basket (which is part of why I use Project Wonderful for ads, by the way), but there's a reason they're so dominant.

Plus, you know, not Microsoft.

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