November 30, 2009


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While I'm Thinking About It

Some of you probably know this already.

I start a new job Monday. This is a very, very good thing, because except for the month I spent with the Census Bureau, I've been unemployed since Pilgrim Discount Book and Bible Supply went out of business. I'll be working Customer Support at, the online arm of Things From Another World, the retail arm of Dark Horse Comics.

How will this impact the strip? Obviously, it's too soon to tell. Part of why I was able to go to color is the amount of free time I used to have. I've gotten better at it (or so I would like to believe, and please allow me this delusion), and I've gotten faster as well. At Pilgrim, I perfected the ability to crank out artwork during my breaks. No reason that has to change. So, at this point I remain cautiously optimistic.

Or else you're wondering about about other ways a new job might affect things. Nothing to worry about there--just like at the bookstore, my co-workers will be off limits.

I do plan to try blogging more often. Not daily, because that way lies madness. Not politics, either. The restrictions I had as a Federal employee broke me of that habit, and for the most part I'm okay with not picking it up again.

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