November 04, 2002

Random Flashbacks--Steph

Stephanie Maxwell was a little apprehensive about pushing the cart of defective merchandise back to the loading dock; her station was the Service Area, and she was supposed to stay there. Problem was, the Service Area was rapidly filling up with junk (this being shortly after Christmas), and nobody from the back was actually coming to remove it. Sure, Bob had been assigned to the loading dock, but nothing was preventing Jack or one of the others from helping out. The way they were supposed to.

She approached the door connecting the loading dock to the salesfloor, and heard what sounded almost, but not exactly, like a fire. Then a voice:

"Wow, Good Buddy, we're going on an adventure!"

Typical. She didn't really get everything that went on in the storerooms, but she knew enough not to be surprised that Jack and Bob were having one of their usual banter-sessions.

But then there was silence. A shelving unit stood between the door and the computer where the returns would be processed, and even though it was mostly empty at this point she didn't have a complete view.

"Is someone back here?" she asked as she made her way around the shelf.

There was no one there. So what had she heard?

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