January 22, 2008


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While I'm Thinking About It

While I'm Thinking About It

Yes, it's a post getting posted Monday night. I'm not talking about Terminatorthis time, though.

The missing strips (mostly from July 2005, though a few were from earlier on) have finally been re-inserted into the archives. At least, I think I got them all. Now that that's taken care of, I need to get back to work on making this webcomic archive engine of mine (translation: I'm officially forking ComicGallery) more ready for prime time. Yes, I realize that ComicPress is the flavor of the moment, but not everybody needs the (ahem) power and flexibility of the WordPress blogging software. And the last time I checked, there's no easy way to import nearly seven years' worth of strips into the ComicPress archive system. The next step is getting the drop-down menu system back in order, which means going back through the last couple years and coming up with cutesy and/or evocative storyline titles. That shouldn't take nearly as long.

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