January 30, 2008


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While I'm Thinking About It

While I'm Thinking About It

Trying Something A Bit Different

Blame Scott Kurtz for this one, folks. I watched that video and thought I'd try part of it myself. So, I created a new version of the template in Inkscape, then typed in the text for today's strip and all the appropriate speech bubbles. Printed that out onto a sheet of my Bristol board, then drew the strip around it. Scan it back in to Paint Shop Pro, save the big version, resize, export as a PNG, and voila! It actually went a lot faster than my usual method, which is to dot out the panel corners, draw the strip, scan it, drop the scan into a panel template, tweak things so they fit, add the text, add the balloons, mess with both to get them to look right, save the big version, resize, and then save the small version. I think I'm going to use this method for at least awhile longer. It has benefits: I don't have to worry about leaving enough empty space for the text; I can actually see where all the borders are, rather than guesstimating a bit; I can get several written at once.

That last one does require me to actually think several strips in advance if I want to make use of it.

If I might get at least a tad semi-political for a moment, you may have heard that John Edwards (not the Crossing Over guy) dropped out of the Democrat Presidential Primary Race. That Guy From Law & Order, Fred Thompson, did the same on the Republican side last week. It seems to me, that if you're running for president of the United States, you ought to at least stay in the race through the Super Tuesday primaries. Twenty-four states are holding elections or caucuses next week. That's nearly half the nation, and their ballots have been printed and ready for at least several weeks at this point. By dropping out now, they've just wasted everyone's time.

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