June 16, 2008


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While I'm Thinking About It

As the RSSPect feed says, it's a new era

First and foremost, I'm now playing with EntreCard. It's the adbox there below the Project Wonderful ads. It's not a paid ad service, but it's allegedly good promotion.

You can now navigate back and forth through the blog-esque text notes in a manner not unlike that of the strip itself. It's a bit kludgy at the moment, but until such time as I figure out the Ajax solution to what I'm trying to do, it'll have to do. Also, things in this box are going to be a tad chaotic until I go through and fix things. See, I used to have the newspost (if there was one), and the RSS feed entry in the same file. It was supposed to be a temporary solution, but it lasted longer than I meant it too. Sill, I've done worse with larger lists of files.

Last year, I suggested that if I could hack the ComicGallery engine into something a tad more substantial, I'd consider complying with the GPL and releasing it as its own project. Consider this week a sort of public beta testing. Oh, and check out the cast page. I'm rather proud of what I did there.

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