November 27, 2008


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While I'm Thinking About It

As it turns out, I have one last post I can make about the bookstore. Yay me.

Pilgrim Discount Book and Bible Supply was that sort of retail establishment known as a "destination store." People would go out of their way to come to us, coming from all across the United States and Canada to explore our selections of new and used reference works and Reformed writers that just don't tend to show up in a lot of other Christian bookstores. That was Roger's passion, you see, making sure those works were still available. Almost everything else, from fiction to music to greeting cards and chintzy knick-knacks, was merely a sideline designed to support the rest.

One of the big events in the Pilgrim calendar was the ever-popular "Two-Day Sale." Generally known at other stores as the After-Thanksgiving Sale, but I digress. Most years, it was the only mailing the store did, and even then, lots of people who appeared to be in our database system claimed to have never received it.

All that to say, there may be some people, in town for the holiday weekend, who have no idea the store is out of business. Unless someone warns them ahead of time, they may actually show up That . . . would not be a good thing. Black Friday is already too much of a hassle for shoppers without adding that sort of disappointment to the mix.

Still, it would also be kind of funny.

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