December 15, 2008


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While I'm Thinking About It

Okay, I'm through with that.

I gave Entrecard a good, solid shot. I visited the blogs, I dropped my card, did all the things you are supposed to do (except participate in the forum, mostly because nothing over there ever seemed to need my voice). And, in the long run, pfft/

The whole point to Entrecard is providing "free" exposure and advertising on participating blogs (primarily) and webcomics (never their first priority, but that's okay). The problem is, the traffic it generates tends to be "junk" traffic. People stop by long enough to find where you've placed the ad box, click the link to drop their card, and move along to the next one. My stats bear that out, with most Entrecard traffic spending ten second or less here. Never checked out the cast page, never read the archives (for the most part--someone's been archive bingeing recently, and thanks for reading, whoever you are), never left a comment in the shoutbox, in my email, or in my Entrecard account. My own experience bears that out, too. Sturgeon's Law applies as much to blogs and webcomics as anything else: 90% crud. I wasn't even bothering to read the potentially interesting stuff; just find that ad box, click the link, and move on.

So, not only didn't I ever find anything through Entrecard that grabbed me and insisted it was worth my attention and a place in my bookmarks, none of the blogs and webcomics that are already there use the thing. That part speaks volumes.

Now that the negative's out of the way, I'd like to point out the little box below the Project Wonderful ads. Every weekday, with every update, I have the fine folks at RSSpect send out an email to my subscribers. It's not the strip itself, mostly because I like it when people visit the site, but it is a direct link to the latest strip, with a brief bit of commentary offering a preview of what's ahead.I like it, it's a neat tool. Try it out.

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