February 10, 2009


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While I'm Thinking About It

You may have noticed . . .

The Forum link up above goes nowhere. Or, rather, it still goes to the phpBB-powered section of the site, but there's nothing there anymore.

Yeah, I closed the forums.

Nobody's ever used this iteration since I put it up last year. Which is fine, it seems we get some good conversations going over there in the shoutbox.But with my recent attempts to boost readership (and speaking of which, hello new readers! Sorry to lure you here in the middle of a huge story arc, but your patience will be rewarded), I've also attracted the attention of certain lousy, no-good, sub-human spammers.

Specifically, the spambots, which being nothing more than computer code, are by definition not human.

Anyway . . . it's just easier this way. I'm tempted to leave it up just to see how many bots manage to sign up for forums that don't, technically, exist anymore, but no. I'll be reworking things over the weekend.

Or maybe you never noticed anything wrong, in which case this post was nothing more than a nice replacement for the Batman analysis that had been up too long.

FYI: I'm continuing to micro-blog over at Identi.Ca, and most of those end up posted over at my Facebook page. My RSSpect feed pops up over there, too.

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