February 25, 2009


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While I'm Thinking About It

Technical Difficulties?

Since I generally just use the shoutbox to reply to you guys, I had no idea there was any problem with it.

As you may have noticed, I've chosen the IntenseDebate service as a replacement. Not the easiest of choices, but given the alternatives (and Google FriendConnect was never an option for reasons I may get into if you ask nicely), and the fact I suddenly wanted something just a little more than a shoutbox, I think it makes the most sense.

Now, the bad news. You're going to very possibly have to sign up for an IntenseDebate account to comment from here on out. I say "very possibly" because you can also use an OpenID, if you have one. Which I do, and in fact was a chunk of the rationale behind going to identi.ca for my micro-blogging instead of Twitter.

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