April 13, 2009


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While I'm Thinking About It

Murphy really was an optimist, wasn't he?

Update: Here's the black and white. It'll be colored Monday evening.

I know the rules when it comes to thumb drives. They only have a limited number of writes available before they go bad, so don't trust them long term for anything important. And I don't, not really. Sure, I keep the current working version of the site on one, but I know the rules. It's a fairly small drive, 256mb, if you can believe such things are still made. It's that small on purpose--should the worst happen I haven't really lost too much. Plus, I had already reached the conclusion that this drive was probably reaching the end of its useful life. Burn the contents to CD one last time, and go get a replacement. Do it tomorrow, and in the meantime use it one last time for the Monday strip.

You already know what's coming, don't you?

Yup. After bragging about how I hadn't had to invoke the Midnight Rule once during my first week experimenting with full color all the time, I have to invoke it today. Knock on wood, the server won't melt down before then.

The worst part? The drive's contents go back to the start of last year's Biggest Story Ever(TM).

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