January 13, 2010


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While I'm Thinking About It

Because not every work story translates to four panels.

I do have to be careful with this story, for giving too much info may risk venturing into proprietary information. Nonetheless, it amused me, and may amuse you.

This afternoon, for a period of time that was not nearly as brief as it should have been, our web server suddenly slowed to a crawl, even approaching a halt at points. This is not good, because not only couldn't our customers get through to buy stuff from us, but there are times when the information those of us in Customer Service have to look up in order to do our jobs is more easily found on the website side of things.

That should be vague enough a description of what happened to cover me.

Even though things came back up before too much time had passed, it still left us scratching our heads, wondering what happened.

Felicia Day happened.

Her web series The Guild (full disclosure: never watched it, read about it on various pages at tvtropes.org, only recall seeing her in Dr. Horrible-which is awesome, by the way) is getting a comic book from Dark Horse. Since TFAW is Dark Horse's retail branch, it only makes sense to send people our way for pre-orders, right?

The lovely and talented Ms. Day has 1,719,898 people following her on Twitter. This tweet once all is said and done, will have been seen by at least 1,719,898 people. Possible commentary about the nature of modern celebrity culture aside, even a fraction of those people clicking a link at one time could bring down even the mightiest server.

Fortunately, I can post links with impunity, knowing that no risk is posed to anyone, anywhere, except maybe the oddball folks who run a server off a Commodore 64.

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