March 22, 2010


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While I'm Thinking About It

Two points, with regard to health care reform

First, every action taken to make health care more affordable has attempted to reduce costs for the patient without taking into account the increased demand that new and artificially lower costs generate. Or am I the only one who remembers when the now-hated HMO was hailed as the greatest thing ever?

Second, what's the Constitutional justification for this thing? I recognize the legitimacy of the Food and Drug Administration, because these things tend to be sold across state lines and the Interstate Commerce Clause allows the government to regulate that sort of thing. Problem is, under current law, you're not allowed to buy health insurance in any state other than the one in which you currently live. And my understanding is that this bill doesn't change that. ICC doesn't enter into it. So isn't this one of those things where the 10th Amendment is supposed to take precedence?

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