November 06, 2002

Random Flashbacks--Tony

"No, I'm sorry but this isn't that kind of toy store." Tony Grant hung up the phone and sighed. There were still three other callers on hold; callers he was supposed to be checking items for.

The problem, Tony thought to himself, was that everyone who worked in the service area felt it necessary to transfer all the calls to him. There were a number of other people just as qualified to answer questions, some more so in certain areas.

That's when it hit him: it was all his fault. For two years he had been promoting himself as the "Answer Guy," who could handle any question about anything. He liked the attention. Was it really any surprise then that they were doing exactly what he wanted?

There was nothing he could do about it now, so Tony gritted his teeth, furrowed his brow, and checked his hastily-scribbled notes to see what, exactly, Line One had been looking for again.

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